Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM)  provides protection for the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Galveston, Texas. This is accomplished through:
  • Effective contingency planning
  • Coordination of local agencies
  • Education of the public
  • Provision of emergency information services
    Upgrading of existing facilities
  • Training of staff in disaster preparedness
Emergency management involves other agencies in training and simulates disasters to exercise their collective response.

Emergency Management Responsibilities

The Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) is responsible for coordinating all the components of the emergency management system in the city. These components consist of fire, police, civil defense effort, emergency medical service, public works, volunteers, and other groups contributing to the management of major emergencies or disasters. The EMC performs and exercises other such functions as are necessary to promote and secure public safety and protection within the territorial limits of the City of Galveston.

The OEM maintains the Basic Emergency Operations Plan and twenty-two annexes covering everything from public warning to terrorism incident response. Other plans like the Hazard Mitigation Action Plan and the Traffic Management Plan also require regular updating and reviewing. OEM also participates in regional planning efforts with the 13-county council of governments, Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC), and in the Houston Urban Area through the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI).

Another piece of what we do during the "ready state" is preparing our residents for disasters. Our Twitter page, and Facebook page are two ways we prepare and notify the public with vital information.
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