Maps and GIS

2016 Zoning Map

These products are for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. These maps and services do not represent an on-the-ground survey and represent only the approximate relative location of property boundaries.

The data presented on these pages is not legally binding on the City of Galveston or any of its departments. These maps and the associated data are representations ONLY and may contain errors in the databases. Therefore, the information presented on this map is for informational purposes only and should not be construed to be legally binding.

Galveston GIS Consortium
The Galveston GIS Consortium is a an open, informal group of GIS users, analysts, planners, engineers, researchers, and other geographic-minded enthusiasts. The consortium, founded circa 2000, meets quarterly to share information about projects we are working on, and to network with other GIS users in the region. If you are interested in meeting with the group, please visit the Galveston GIS Consortium LinkedIn group.