Fraud Hotline

The City of Galveston is committed to deterring fraud, abuse, and waste.  Our City Auditor’s Office has established a hotline that may be accessed by calling (409) 797-3692.  An automated answering service will be available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.  Callers may remain anonymous.


“Fraud” means the intentional deception or false representation perpetrated onto a local government that could result in detriment to that local government.


“Abuse” means the excessive or improper use of resources owned or operated by a locality.


“Waste” means the intentional or unintentional squandering of resources owned or operated by a locality to the detriment of that locality.  Waste also includes incurring unnecessary costs because of inefficient or ineffective practices.   


Examples of Reportable Incidents:


  • Theft or misappropriation of city resources
  • Offering or accepting bribes
  • Inappropriate use of city owned vehicles, equipment, or supplies
  • Improper spending of city tax dollars
  • Violations of city procurement policies and/or contracts
  • Improper use of city funds
  • Manipulation of city policies and procedures for personal gain
  • Falsification of official documents



Reporting Overview:

  • Describe the circumstances that you believe represent fraud, abuse, or waste
  • Describe the date or dates on which these circumstances occurred
  • Describe the location or locations at which these circumstances occurred
  • Name the individual(s) who you believe acted wrongly or inappropriately
  • Name the city department where these individual(s) work

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