Niigata, Japan

How Niigata, Japan became a Sister City:

In 1965, Niigata, Japan and Galveston, Texas became Sister Cities. The partnership between these two communities provides a lifelong relationship fostering international education and outreach; assistance during catastrophic events; and an opportunity for cultural awareness in both similarities and differences to emerge.

Niigata is the capital of Niigata Prefecture, Japan and lies on the northwest coast of Honshu, the largest island of Japan. Niigata is also a port city with their city government established in 1889.  On April 1st, 2007, Niigata became the first government-designated city on the Japan Sea coast of Honshu.

Niigata features a rail system that transports an average of 37,000 passengers daily and boasts an international airport. This city is also the home 7 colleges and universities.

The resolution includes the following:

We, The City of Galveston and its City Council declared by Resolution on March 26, 1964 that Niigata, Japan is our Sister City.

Niigata, Japan declared on May 12, 1964 by telegram to declare Galveston, Texas as there Sister City.

The official date is May 12, 1964.

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