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The Coastal Resources Manager performs a variety of administrative, policy and technical work around the current and long range planning programs related to coastal resources. Duties include overseeing the implementation and management of the City of Galveston’s Coastal Management Plan; evaluate federal and state land use law and impacts on local plans and ordinances related to the relationship between private property for the equity and sustainability of natural resource use; and gathering, interpreting and preparing data for studies. Reports and recommends to City Council, Planning Commission and stakeholder groups. 

Post-Harvey Emergency Repairs

The Texas General Land Office (GLO) has established emergency rules to allow coastal communities to expedite the beachfront construction and dune protection permitting process for certain repairs to habitable structures and for dune restoration. The emergency measures authorize property owners to immediately stabilize and repair habitable structures that pose a danger to public health and safety, and to restore impacted dunes without GLO review.

A summary of the repair and clean-up activities that are permitted include:

  • Allow homeowners to undertake emergency stabilization and repair of a home to prevent further damage;
  • Allow the repair of damaged enclosed spaces with breakaway or louvered walls at ground level for homes in order to allow homeowners to secure personal property;
  • Allow homeowners to repair a pre-existing retaining wall that is in danger of imminent collapse, and;
  • Allow homeowners to restore dunes to minimize further threat or damage to coastal residents and littoral property.

New construction and activities not described in the rules will be required to go through the standard permitting process.

The emergency rules are effective for 120-days as of September 5, 2017 and only apply to specific repairs to a structure damaged as a result of Hurricane Harvey and for impacted dunes. Authorizations of certain repairs under these rules must be documented and kept in a written record and the record send to the GLO after the emergency rules expire.

All other City of Galveston permitting requirements will continue to be in effect throughout the duration of the GLO emergency rules.

Harvey Emergency Rules Memo

Harvey Emergency Rules for Effected Areas 9.7.17

Post-Harvey Emergency Repairs Beachfront Application

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