Posted on: January 9, 2017

City Offers New Ways for Customers to Submit & Track Code Enforcement Violations

2017 will see major improvements for Galveston island residents from major infrastructure projects to quality of life additions, but the City’s focus on customer service will remain at the forefront of operations. New enhancements to the online software used for viewing code enforcement violations allows residents to submit complaints anonymously as well as track them to closure.

Previously, residents have had the ability to view the history of complaints online, however, it was not in a highly visible area on the website and its functionality was limited. With the enhancements staff has been working hard to implement by the new year, and improved internal processes, residents will have a much easier time submitting, tracking, and viewing reported violations.

“Our goal in this was to ensure that our residents have an accessible tool online that allow them to report violations with ease and follow how we handle them from start to finish.” said City Manager Brian Maxwell. “Communication is key when it comes to customer service and these upgrades allow our team to better communicate with residents throughout the process while addressing the issues at hand.”

The improvements to the software also allow the City to assign case numbers to each reported violation, giving both staff and residents an easy way to follow up on issues that have been raised. Case numbers will be searchable online and progress will be documented.

By visiting, users have three options: Report Violation, Map Of Enforcement Cases, and Search Enforcement Cases. Residents interested in submitting an issue to the City can use “Report Violation”. Submissions can be made anonymously, however, if residents choose to provide an email address they will be updated on the status of the case throughout. Those interested in searching complaints can do so by viewing the maps or by searching the case number, address, or business name. The upgrades also made all functions of the software accessible on mobile devices, including the interactive maps.

Online is not the only way, residents can also still call in concerns to 409-797-3660, or visit the Code Enforcement division in person on the 4th floor of City Hall at 823 Rosenberg.

“Streamlining the process of both reporting concerns, and bringing them to resolution, is one that will make a noticeable difference in our efforts to step up our code enforcement across the city.” said Mayor Yarbrough. “We all want to see Galveston be the best that it can be, and that starts with implementations like this.”

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