Current & Prospective Historic Property Owners

Is Your Property Historic?

Use the zoning map below to determine if a property is a designated landmark or located within a historic district. Learn about the City of Galveston's designated landmarks using the interactive Historic Landmarks map. More information about properties within the East End, Silk Stocking, and Lost Bayou historic districts can be found in the "Galveston Historic Sites Inventory." 

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Updating an Existing Historic Property

While most projects can be approved administratively, you may occasionally need to go before the Landmark Commission, a citizen board that reviews new construction, rehabilitation, restoration, and demolition of buildings. Any changes to a historic structure or a structure located within a historic district must adhere to the "Design Standards for Historic Properties." Staff is always available to answer questions and, if necessary, guide you through the Landmark Commission process.

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Code Compliance & Deed Restrictions

In the City of Galveston, property owners are liable for any outstanding compliance issues on their property, whether or not they initiated them. Also, please note that the City of Galveston does not enforce deed restrictions. It is your responsibility to find out what deed restrictions, if any, exist on your property.

Before You Buy

Before purchasing a historic structure, we encourage you to contact the City as part of your due diligence. A couple of ways to glean information about a potential investment are:

In-Person Consultations

The Development Services Department is available to answer any questions regarding your property. Find out about application processes, additional restrictions, or outstanding compliance issues before making a purchase. No appointment necessary.

Public Information Requests

The City Secretary's office launched an online software program for submitting public information requests. With this program, requestors have the ability to log into the Public Records Center to track the status of requests, communicate with the City, and access the requested documents. Please note that there is no charge for the first 10 letter sized pages. After the first 10 pages, there is a fee charged for any copies made. You will be notified of any fees before the requests are fulfilled.