State Laws

Implementation of House Bill 89 -Prohibits Contracting or Investing With Companies Who Boycott Israel

In 2017, the Texas Legislature adopted House Bill 89, which added Chapter 2270 to the Subtitle F, Title 10, Government Code to prohibit government entities from contracting with companies who boycott Israel and from investing in companies that boycott Israel. 

Implementation of Senate Bill 252 

In 2017, the Texas Legislature adopted Senate Bill 252 which added Chapter 2252 to Subtitle F, Title 10 Government Code stating “… a governmental may not enter into a contract with a company that does business with Iran, Sudan, or any known terrorist organization.

Implementation of House Bill 1295-Certificate of Interested Parties Form

In 2015, the Texas Legislature adopted House Bill 1295, which added section 2252.908 of the Government Code.  

For further information, please refer to the Texas Ethics Commission Website.

HUB Certification

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