Policy Review

Policy Review(1)

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Galveston Police Department's Policy Review Forum. As part of our ongoing mission to enhance transparency, the Galveston Police Department has posted a working draft of its policies for public review and comment. The comment period will remain open from Friday, October 9 through Friday, November 6. 

Select policies will not be published due to the sensitive nature of the information. The policies excluded are Crisis Response Unit (SWAT Operations), Hostage and Barricade Incidents, Response to Bomb Calls, Rapid Response and Deployment, and Informants.

When the comment period closes, GPD and the City Attorney will review and consider your comments before finalizing the policy manual. 

Click on the links below to review the most recent policy drafts. We invite you to share your suggestions and look forward to your feedback. Please assist us with the research process by providing a source, legal basis, or agency currently using the recommendation. Also, you must include which section and chapter your comment covers. To submit a public comment, please complete the form here: https://forms.galvestontx.gov/Forms/GPDPublicComment

Galveston Police Department Policy Manual 

Section 1 - Law Enforcement Role and Authority

100 Law Enforcement Authority

101 Chief Executive Officer 

102 Oath of Office

103 Policy Manual

Section 2 - Organization and Administration 

200 Organization Structure and Responsibility 

201 Departmental Directives 

202 Emergency Management Plan

203 Training 

204 Electronic Mail 

205 Administrative Communications 

206 Supervision Staffing Levels 

207 Retiree Concealed Firearms 

Section 3 - General Operations

300 Use of Force 

301 Handcuffing and Restraints 

302 Control Devices 

303 Conducted Energy Device 

304 Officer-involved Shootings and Death

305 Firearms

306 Vehicle Pursuits 

307 Foot Pursuits 

308 Officer Response to Calls

309 Canines

310 Family Violence 

311 Search and Seizure 

312 Child Abuse 

313 Adult Abuse 

314 Discriminatory Harassment 

315 Missing Persons 

316 Public Alerts

317 Victim and Witness Assistance 

318 Hate Crimes 

319 Standards of Conduct 

320 Information Technology Use

321 Department Use of Social Media 

322 Report Preparation 

323 Media Relations 

324 Subpoenas and Court Appearances 

325 Reserve Officers

326 Outside Agency Assistance 

327 Registered Offender Information

328 Major Incident Notification 

329 Death Investigation

330 Identity Theft

331 Private Persons Arrest 

332 Limited English Proficiency Services 

333 Communications with Persons with Disabilities 

334 Chaplains

335 Public Safety Video Surveillance System 

336 Child and Dependent Adult Safety 

337 Service Animals 

338 Volunteers

339 Native American Graves Protection and Reparation 

340 Off-Duty Law Enforcement Actions

341 Community Relations

Section 4 - Patrol Operations 

400 Patrol 

401 Bias-Based Policy

402 Briefing 

403 Crime and Disaster Scene Integrity 

405 Ride Alongs

406 Hazardous Material Response

409 Crisis Intervention Incidents 

410 Emergency Detentions

411 Citation Releases 

412 Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Representatives 

414 Immigration Violations 

415 Utility Service Emergencies 

416 Aircraft Accidents

417 Field Training 

418 Contacts and Temporary Detentions 

419 Criminal Organizations

420 Watch Commanders

421 Mobile Video Recorder 

422 Mobile Computer Terminal Use

423 Portable Audio Video Recorders 

424 Public Recording of Law Enforcement Activity 

425 Bicycle Patrol

426 Automated License Plate Readers 

427 Homeless Persons 

428 Medical Marijuana 

429 Medical Aid and Response 

430 First Amendment Assemblies 

431 Civil Disputes 

Section 5 - Traffic Operations 

500 Traffic 

501 Traffic Accidents 

502 Traffic Accident Review Board

503 Vehicle Towing 

504 Impaired Driving 

505 Traffic and Parking Citations 

506 Disabled Vehicles 

Section 6 - Investigation Operations

600 Investigation and Prosecution 

601 Sexual Assault Investigations 

602 Asset Forfeiture 

604 Eyewitness Identification 

605 Brady Information

Section 7 - Equipment 

700 Department-Owned and Personal Property 

701 Personal Communication Devices

702 Vehicle Maintenance 

703 Vehicle Use

704 Cash Handling Security and Management 

705 Personal Protective Equipment 


Section 8 - Support Services

800 Crime Analysis 

801 The Communication Center 

802 Property Room 

803 Records Division 

804 Records Maintenance and Release 

805 Protected Information 

806 Animal Control 

Section 9 - Custody 

900 Temporary Custody of Adults 

901 Temporary Custody of Juveniles 

902 Custodial Searches 

903 Transporting Detainees

Section 10 - Personnel

1000 Recruitment and Selection 

1001 Performance Evaluations 

1002 Special Assignments and Promotions 

1003 Grievances

1004 Anti-Retaliation 

1005 Reporting of Arrests and Convictions and Court Orders 

1006 Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace

1007 Sick Leave

1008 Communicable Diseases 

1009 Smoking and Tobacco Use

1010 Personnel Complaints 

1011 Seat Belts

1012 Body Armor 

1013 Personnel Records 

1014 Request for Change of Assignment 

1015 Commendations and Awards 

1016 Fitness for Duty

1017 Meal Periods and Breaks 

1018 Lactation Breaks 

1019 Payroll Records 

1020 Overtime Compensation 

1021 Outside Employment and Outside Overtime 

1022 Occupational Disease, Work-related Injury and Death Reporting 

1023 Personal Appearance Standards 

1024 Uniforms and Civilian Attire 

1025 Explorers 

1026 Conflict of Interest 

1027 Badges, Patches and Identification 

1028 Temporary Modified Duty Assignments 

1029 Performance History Audits 

1030 Speech Expression and Social Networking 

1031 Illness and Injury Prevention 

1032 Line-of-Duty Deaths

2020 Mounted Officer Unit SOP


Please use the following as a guide for the tags used throughout the policy manual. Also, as written in the manual, "should" indicates a generally required or expected action, absent a rational basis for failing to conform. 

Federal – The section of policy contains federally mandated content.


State – The section of policy contains state mandated content.


Best Practices – The section contains the best suggested course of action compiled from the input of multiple agencies, institutions, associations, experts, and professional groups.


Discretionary – This section is left to the agencies prerogative.


Modified – Something has been changed within formatting that is different from the version that Lexipol released. This includes any change made to the document.