Utility R.O.W Applications

All applicants emailing utility permits in the right-of-way must now submit them online to the City eportal. Email engineering@galvestontx.gov your name, number, email, and company address. A contractor number with instructions on how to register for an account will be provided to you. All other permits regarding driveways, sidewalks, curb and gutters and all other work on private property must contact development services.

Utility Permits in the right-of-way include

  • Overheard lines
  • Fiber optic cable
  • bore, trenching, hand digging & excavating
  • Small cell (4G/5G) nodes
  • Soil samples/geotechnical bores
  • Replacement and new installation of utility poles and collocation to existing poles
  • Replacement and new installation of vaults, handholes, & cabinets
  • Tie-in to existing storm sewer in the City R.O.W  (contact utilities division for water and sanitary tap applications.)*
Taps are performed by the city unless otherwise specified by the applicant, indicating that the contractor will handle the tap. Contractors performing the tap are required to adhere to the City of Galveston Standards for installation, materials, and P.E. stamped design.  

All work performed by a contractor will require Municipal Utilities Inspection Services to have a supervisor oversee the tie-in procedure. Contractor shall email publicworks@galvestontx.gov to inquire about a quote for inspection services. 

We encourage all applicants for utility right-of-way permits to visit the City of Galveston's official GIS website to view public utilities and CIP Infrastructure Projects Page to avoid any conflicts with CIP projects that are in design and construction. 


See Utility Permit Sequence form for full list of required documentation.

  • For installation of utilities, detailed TX P.E. drawings showing depths, scaled dimension drawings of proposed poles, as well as any other proposed equipment associated with the proposed installation, indicating spacing from existing curb, public right-of-way line, driveways, sidewalks, light poles, off street pathways, and existing public and private utilities.
  • Construction and installation methods to be employed for protection of existing structures, fixtures, and facilities within or adjacent to the public right-of-way and the dates and times the work will occur, all of which are subject to approval of the City Engineer.
  • The bond amount will be in accordance with the linear feet of proposed buried line x 100. Example, if the proposed buried line is 300-feet then the bond amount would be $30,000. If the proposed buried line is less than a 100-feet then the minimum bond amount is $10,000 respectively.
  • Code of Ordinances
  • Insurance information : Article VI. - Utility Construction in Public right-of-ways Sec. 31-281 (a)(5)(a.)
  • Article VII. - Network Nodes in Public Right-of-Ways Sec. 31.302. - Applicable fees and rental rates to the city
Applicant registration for utility permits in the right-of-way:
  • Email engineering@galvestontx.gov and provide the following information listed below.
  • Name, number, email, company address, site address, type of work proposed, who the work is performed for.
  • Accela registration steps will assist you in completing your online registration once a contractor number is provided to you.

Eportal registration for permit submittal & payments online

The permit holder must keep a copy of the permit posted visibly at the work site and make it available for inspection upon the request of any city employee.

If a person violates any provision of the permit, the City may issue a written Stop-Work order to the violator, directing any work or activity authorized to be done under a permit to cease until the violation is corrected. Upon receiving a Stop-Work order, the permit holder must immediately stop all work authorized under the permit, but may take steps necessary to secure the site.

It is unlawful for any person to continue work under a permit after receiving a Stop-Work order or receiving notice that a Stop-Work order has been issued, or to resume the work or activity until the City withdraws the Stop-Work order.


Sec. 31-281. - Registration and construction permits can be found here 


Sec. 31-302. - Applicable fees and rental rates to the city can be found here