Airport Water Plant Expansion

Work of the Contract is for but is not limited to, construction of one (1) new building to house two (2) new vertical turbine can pumps including new electrical switchgear, one (1) 3.0 MG ground storage tank, refurbishment of existing pump station building with chlorination system replacement, liquid ammonium sulfate (LAS) system, zinc orthophosphate (ZOP) system, two (2)new flow control stations, existing yard piping demolition and removal, installation of proposed yard piping and connections with an existing system, and on-site paving and grading. The project is located at the City of Galveston’s Airport Pump Station on Jones Road in Galveston County, Texas. 

New Pump Station Facility:

The proposed new pump building shall include a pump room and electrical/mechanical/control room that will house two (2) new vertical turbine can pumps, with valves, piping and appurtenances, and associated electrical switchgear. The facility shall be constructed to comply with the current 100-year Storm Criteria and all components shall withstand Category 3 WindLoading. Fiber optic cable will be installed from an existing pull box into the Existing PumpStation to connect the proposed facility with the existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA) system. The Control System is not part of the Contract, only connection to the existing on-site system and creating functionality is required.

Site Work and Yard Piping:

Site work includes grading for New Pump Building and 3.0 MG Ground Storage Tank, construction of paved access driveway and sidewalks connecting Existing Pump Building to proposed Pump Building, the removal of existing yard piping as well as installation of proposed yard piping to include two (2) flow control stations, and butterfly valves with restrained joints.

One (1) 3.0 MG Ground Storage Tank:

One (1) 3.0 MG concrete ground storage tank, with coating, complete and in place, and all required and related appurtenances. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to submit design drawings and calculations, signed and sealed by an Engineer registered in the State of Texas, for approval by the Engineer and subsequent submission to the City of Galveston Planning Department before the City will issue a building permit for the construction of the new ground storage tank. It is recommended that the Contractorsubmit to the Engineer the required drawings and calculations as expeditiously after the Pre-Construction meeting as possible to expedite review and approval. All work and disposal of material shall be performed in strict compliance with all applicableFederal, State, and local statutes.

Remedial Work to the Existing Pump StationBuilding: 

Remedial work to the existing Pump Station Building is outlined in the drawings and includes replacement of doors and window, removal and replacement of the exterior brick with veneer, removal, and replacement of the existing roof system, minor structural repairs, electrical, LASsystem, ZOP system, and the replacement of existing chlorination system. All remedial work shall be coordinated so not to interfere with the performance of the Existing Pump Buildinguntil the New Pump Building is complete and operation.

Airport Water Plant Expansion Timeline