Teichman Road

Work of the contract is to install approximately 9,250 linear feet of new 8-inch diameter water line along Teichman Road, 91stStreet, Blume Drive, Lewis Drive, and CommodoreDrive. The existing 6-inch asbestos cement water line will be abandoned in place. All new lines are to be installed in the pavement except as indicated. Installation to include excavation, bedding, backfill, trench safety, groundwater control, all testing, and pavement repair. The project also includes abandonment of existing 6-inch and 8-inch asbestos cement water lines along Teichman Road from Interstate 45 to Blume Drive and the service lines being extended to the existing 12-inch PVC line. Approximately 105 service lines and meters will be moved from the existing lines to the new lines or the existing PVC waterlines. All service lines, meters, assemblies, and meter boxes installed in this project will be new. Throughout the entire project, approximately 32 new fire hydrants will be installed at approximately 350-ft spacing. All existing fire hydrants along the route will be removed and turned over to the city as noted. Additionally, contractor will be responsible for traffic control, tree protection, and stormwater pollution prevention throughout the project. 

Teichman Road Timeline