Parks for Pollinators

We're in our THIRD year for Parks for Pollinators! The Parks for Pollinators campaign, hosted through a partnership between the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation, aims to raise public awareness of the pollinator crisis and encourage local action through public parks and recreation. 

NRPA and The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation are coordinating a national Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz event to engage, educate and help more people understand the importance of pollinator and native habitats in their local communities.

Locally, the City of Galveston has teamed up with the Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council, Galveston's Own Farmer's Market, Native Plant Society of Texas (Clear Lake Chapter), Galveston Island Tree Conservancy, and Better Parks for Galveston to promote a Parks for Pollinators event on Friday, September 22nd, 2023 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Menard Park, 2222 28th Street. During the event, there will be a demonstration on how to use INaturalist for your observations, then a garden tour. 

We encourage all residents to participate by visiting our parks and getting out in the community to identify our local pollinators. 

Pollinators are a vital component of our ecosystem, and an essential link to the world’s food supply. They are responsible the reproduction of 90% of the worlds flowering plants, including 2/3 of our crops. 

Pollinators and their habitats not only support biodiversity but build resilient healthy communities by helping fight against climate change, heat island effect and water quality issues, as well as many other benefits! 

Step 1

Watch the video with directions 

Step 2

Download the iNaturalist app and in the iNaturalist app go to More | Add project | "Parks for Pollinators 2023 Galveston" or click here:

Step 3

Visit your favorite park and begin documenting the pollinators you find! You can also participate from your own backyard!

Other parks to find pollinators 

  1. East End Lagoon – 1919 Boddeker Rd
  2. Corp Words Nature Sanctuary – TX 168
  3. Victory Garden / GOFM Youth Gardeners Program at Burnet – 5501 Ave S
  4. West End Dog Recreation Area – 3115 83rd Street
  5. Sandhill Crane Soccer Complex Observation Deck – 3338 7 Mile Road
  6. Lafitte’s Cove – 3503 Eckert Drive
  7. Edward and Helen Oppenheimer Bird Observatory – 13102 Stewart Road (near Settegast)
  8. Galveston Island State Park – 14901 FM 3005
  9. Wright Cuney Recreation Center – 718 41st Street
  10. Menard Park – 2222 28th Street

Pollinator in the Parks Bioblitz