Annual Beach Surveys

The City of Galveston and Galveston Park Board of Trustees has partnered on a project to collect topographic and bathymetric data of the shoreline on Galveston Island on an annual basis.

This project provides datasets for permits required for annual beach maintenance activities along the Island’s beachfront, for mapping and maintaining a record of the City’s Dune Protection Line in accordance with the Texas Administrative Code (31 TAC Rule § 15.3), and to document pre and post-storm beach conditions for potential FEMA assistance after tropical storms.

Lessons learned from earlier years in the project have resulted in a more refined scope of services, which has resulted in a lower cost for the services to provide the same project deliverables.

This project is funded by a cost-share agreement between the City of Galveston, the Industrial Development Corporation (4B Sales Tax), and the Galveston Park Board of Trustees.

2014 Wading Depth and Depth of Closure Survey

  1. 2014 - Wading Depth Survey
  2. 2014 - Wading Depth Profiles (comparison with 2011 data)
  3. 2014 - Wading Depth ProfilesPDF

2015 Wading Depth Survey

  1. 2015 - Wading Depth Survey
  2. 2015 - Profiles

2016 Wading Depth and Depth of Closure Survey

  1. 2016 - Wading Depth Profiles
  2. 2016 - Wading Depth Survey
  3. 2016 - Depth of Closure Profiles

2017 Wading Depth Survey

  1. 2017 Galveston Wading Depth Survey Exhibit (PDF)
  2. 2017 Wading Depth Comparison Profiles (PDF)

2017-2018 - Hurricane Harvey - Post-Storm Survey Technical Report

  1. Post-Storm Survey Technical Report -2018-03-19

2019 Wading Depth and Depth of Closure Survey

  1. 2019 Galveston Island Beach Profile Survey Report (Final 2020-01-20)

2020 Wading Depth and Depth of Closure Survey