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Monthly City Manager Reports

Interested in the status of ongoing projects and initiatives within the City? See the City's progress in each of the City Manager's Monthly Reports. This snapshot provides a look at each City department and division!

  1. Brian Maxwell

    City Manager

  2. Dan Buckley

    Deputy City Manager

  3. Brandon Cook

    Assistant City Manager, Devt. & Municipal Services

  4. Marissa Barnett

    Public Information Officer

  5. City Manager's Department

    Physical Address
    823 Rosenberg
    P.O. Box 779
    Galveston, TX 77553

City Manager's Office


The City Manager's Department provides policy direction and executive leadership over the departments of:

In addition, this office provides advice and guidance to the mayor and City Council on legislative and political issues and serves as a liaison to the public and private sectors in fostering partnerships and the development of revenue generating initiatives.