Requests for extensions can only be granted by the Judge of the court. The court will only grant extensions in 30 day increments. Please note that if any balance remains unpaid on the 31st day after entry of judgment, a $15.00 time payment reimbursement fee will be assessed on each offense.  

Parking Tickets

No extensions will be given on parking citations. These citations must be paid in full within 14 days of the issuance date. A late fee will be added to the outstanding fine if payment is not submitted timely.  Any parking citation that remains outstanding for at least 60 days will be submitted to a collection agency for collection efforts and will result in additional fees.  All parking violations within the city are a civil law offense as of June 1, 2006.

Vehicles that have accumulated three or more unresolved parking citations since June 1, 2006 will be placed on the delinquent vehicle list. Officers may boot any vehicle on the delinquent vehicle list found parked, lawfully or unlawfully, on a street or highway within the city, or parked on any other city owned or controlled property. Vehicles that are booted are subject to additional fines including an administrative fee of $100; boot fee of $100; and towing and storage related fees.