Seawall Paid Parking: Hourly Rates and Annual Pass

Paying for parking on Seawall Boulevard is convenient and secure!

Visitors to the Seawall are now able to use a mobile app, the internet, or a mobile phone to pay for parking. The parking transactions are transmitted real-time to reflect payment status to parking ambassadors and patrol cars.

All parking payments are associated with a single license plate and are non-transferable, eliminating the need to display a receipt on your vehicle’s dash, or to display a sticker or hang-tag!

When using the PayByPhone system, you will the need this location code for the Galveston Seawall: 5004.

Seawall Paid Parking

Visitors and residents can now:

  • Pay for parking from any location;
  • Add time remotely;
  • Receive a receipt online;
  • Receive text message reminders;
  • Receive text or email reminder when annual pass is one week from expiration;
  • Download mobile apps to their smart phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry);
  • Or save to your homescreen to use the mobile web (Windows Phones, Tablets)!

Seawall Paid Parking:

  • Fee: $2 an hour with a two-hour minimum, not to exceed $16 / day, yearly passes available*
  • Operation: 10 AM – 6 PM, 7 days a week, 365 days per year
  • Payment Options: PayByPhone or call 866-234-7275 or call 409-797-5198

Where can I find free parking?

Free parking areas are located on the north side of Seawall between 12th and 19th streets, 33rd and 39th streets, 53rd and 61st streets, and 85th and 91st streets. All other parking spots along Seawall Blvd. are paid spots.

AP-3 - SBUP - Free Parking Areas Map

Who is exempt from parking fees?

Owners of vehicles displaying handicap tags or placard’s as well as Disabled Veteran’s which includes:

  • Congressional Medal of Honor, Former Prisoner of War,
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor,
  • Purple Heart Recipient,
  • Legion of Valor (Air Force Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Army Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross or Medal of Honor) or
  • Legion of Merit License Plates

are exempt from the payment of parking fees, including a fee collected through a parking meter, charged by a governmental authority other than a branch of the federal government. These vehicles are only exempt from the parking fees if they are being operated by or for the transportation of the person who registered the vehicle with the above-mentioned license plates. In an !attorney general’s opinion o/ -1291, vehicles displaying Disabled Veteran License Plates must not be parked at meters longer than the maximum indicated time on the meters if there is a restriction against parking at a meter in excess of that time. However, this restriction does not apply if the vehicle also displays a Disabled Parking Placard. Texas law allows parking placards to be removed and displayed in any vehicle used for transportation of a person with a disability. People with disabilities can apply for placards even if they do not own a car.

*Annual passes are $45 per year and can be purchased on the app by entering 52 weeks for the parking time. Annual passes are valid one year from the purchase date (for example, if a pass is purchased on January 1, 2015 it will expire January 1, 2016). Unfortunately, Discover Card is not currently available for parking purchases.