The Lost Bayou Historic District


Galveston’s most recently-designated local historic district. It was originally designated in 1994, and was expanded to include an additional non-contiguous block in 2004. The district is com­prised of approximately 23 blocks south of Broadway Boulevard between 21st Street and 16th Street. The name of the district refers to Hitchcock’s Bayou which was ‘lost’ when it was filled in the 1880's.


Lost Bayou was originally developed around the same time as the East End and Silk Stocking historic districts, although with a slightly smaller scale of residences. The district now includes many early 20th Century structures that were built after the neighborhood was extensively damaged in the Great Storm of 1900. Like the East End, the Lost Bayou is laid out in a consistent pattern of square blocks with alleys. Most houses face the east-west avenues, although some houses on each block face the numbered north-south streets.