Intern With The City

With hopes to introduce upcoming professionals to city government, Galveston offers paid summer internships to college students and graduates.

On May 23rd city staff welcomed three new additions to the team at City Hall. Our three summer interns will aid the communications, finance and purchasing offices this summer while being introduced to the role of city government in a community.

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Each intern has focused their education in the area that they will be working in this summer, and each of them are excited about the opportunities that the internship provides.

“Reaching out to college students and introducing them to city government is something that I personally feel every city should do.” City Manager Brian Maxwell said. “Not only do we offer great benefits, job security and a great retirement, we also offer a chance to give back to the local community. While it may not have the glitz and glamour the private sector can offer, it offers the opportunity to truly make an impact on thousands of lives each day with your work.”

“We are pleased to welcome these scholars to our municipality,” Human Resources Director Kent Etienne added, “As we strive to improve services for our workforce, citizens, and visitors, we will rely heavily on the interns to provide new perspective to current practices, various programs and communication solutions. We are fortunate to have them in our midst and are elated that they are willing to aid in furthering our City’s mission.

Meet the Interns

Chelsea Grunden, a Communications Intern, will graduate from Texas Tech University with her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations with a minor in advertising in December. Originally from League City, she has roots in Galveston County and applied for the position to learn more about the island and gain experience in communications for the public sector.

“I am so excited to get real world experience in the field of communications,” Grunden said. “It has been nice to see things I’ve learned in class actually applied in a job. I love being behind the scenes on how the city gets information out to Galveston residents. This position seems to focus a lot on helping out residents and that is really fulfilling to me.”

Hanna Lowery, a sophomore at Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi studying communications with a focus in media, is alsoa Communications Intern. She has lived in League City all her life and has family members involved in government and would like to get experience in government, while combining media and communications focuses as well.

“I chose to intern with the city of Galveston because it offered a position in the exact field that I’m studying in college,” Lowery said. “The program was very flexible, and is allowing me to explore many different parts of government. I very much look forward to gaining insight through hands-on efforts. I am excited to be working with the communications department learning new media and learning about each sector of government.”

Melissa Thompson graduated from University of Houston with her Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics Technology last December. This summer, she is serving as an intern rotating between the Finance and Purchasing Departments.

“As a recent college graduate, I am so excited to apply all of the things I have learned to a real-world business setting,” Thompson said. “I jumped at the opportunity to work with the City of Galveston. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with such talented and knowledgeable people whose mission is to better the community. I cannot wait to learn more about the public sector and to gain the skills needed to excel in my professional career within the years to come.”

For More Information

The city plans to offer the internship program each summer to college students interested in learning more about municipal government. The positions are offered in any city department with opportunity to rotate between departments throughout the summer. Any students, or recent graduates, interested in an internship position can sign up to be notified of the next internship below:

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