During The Storm

What to do if an evacuation order is in place?

Those in immediate need of assistance should dial 9-1-1. First responders and emergency personnel will have limited ability to assist residents as conditions deteriorate. Please follow the zip zone evacuation map (PDF) and leave the island as soon as you can.

To receive phone calls, emails, or text message updates with the latest information from the city please sign up for One Call Reaches All here on our website.

If you need transportation off the island, please call 9-1-1.

Below is the latest information issued by city officials.

Do you need evacuation assistance?

You Must Register with The State of Texas This Year

The City is transitioning over to the State's evacuation assistance registry called STEAR. Residents who need evacuation assistance with medical or access and functional needs, including anyone who registered in years past with the previous need-a-ride system, will need to register as soon as possible with the State of Texas by calling 2-1-1 on any landline or mobile device. Registration is also available online on the STEAR website. Moving over to this system will allow a more coordinated effort across the state for assessing needs during a state of emergency. Residents can also register in person at the annual preparedness fair.

State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry Flyer
  1. Galveston County Criminal Justice Center

    Physical Address
    601 54th Street
    Galveston, TX 77551