Where can I apply for my golf cart registration permit and decal?

Golf cart registration permits may be obtained from the Galveston Police Department. Police Department headquarters is located at 601 54th Street. Owners can apply for golf cart permits between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The golf cart registration application will soon be available online at the Galveston Police Department’s website. Additionally, applications can be obtained from any Galveston police officer. Golf cart owners will need to provide the following information to register their carts: 1) Name and address of the Applicant owner. 2) Location where the vehicle is regularly stored overnight. 3) Model, make, name and golf cart identification number. 4) Current driver’s license. 5) Proof of financial responsibility. Each registered golf cart will be issued a registration permit decal that must be clearly displayed on the cart’s right front panel (driver’s side). The registration permit is good for one year from the date of registration, or such time as revoked, or the golf cart is transferred to a new owner. Carts registered 103rd Street and east will be issued a green decal; carts registered west of 103rd Street will be issued a red decal.

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