When does the newly adopted golf cart ordinance go into effect?
Ordinance 10-028 regulating the use of golf carts on Galveston Island was passed by the City Council on March 11th, will be published by the City Secretary on March 21st, and go into effect on Wednesday, March 31, 2010. The Galveston Police Department will exercise a grace period until May 1, 2010, to allow cart owners to come into compliance with the new regulations. In the interim, officers will be stopping golf cart drivers to educate them about the regulations and required registration.

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1. When does the newly adopted golf cart ordinance go into effect?
2. Who is legally allowed to drive a golf cart on Galveston Island?
3. What is the boundary line distinguishing the western and eastern portions of the city?
4. Where can I drive my golf cart?
5. Why can’t I drive my golf cart on non-vehicular beaches?
6. Where can I apply for my golf cart registration permit and decal?
7. How much does the registration cost?
8. What is the fine if I’m caught disregarding the golf cart ordinance?
9. What safety features does my golf cart needed to be equipped with?
10. Is it illegal to drink alcohol while driving my golf cart?
11. How was the golf cart ordinance developed?
12. Where can I get a copy of the new ordinance regulating golf carts?