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Jun 23

June 23rd Workshop Meeting

Posted on June 23, 2016 at 1:16 PM by Kala McCain

1:15 PM

Regular City Council has begun!


10:23 AM

Discussion Of Fiscal Year 2017-2021 Long Range Financial Forecast (Maxwell - 30 Minutes)

Below is the presentation Assistant City Manager of Finance, Mike Loftin, is presenting as a part of budget discussions:

This is the first budget discussion for FY17.  The City's FY (fiscal year) runs from October 1st through September 30th.  Each year City Manager Brian Maxwell requests that City Council members provide their top priorities.  As the City moves through the budget process, efforts are made to ensure these top priorities are addressed.

CIP - what is it?  This stands for Capital Improvement Plan which includes projects that improve City infrastructure like streets, drainage, water lines, etc.  On almost a weekly basis, CM Brian Maxwell and staff from Public Works discuss these projects.  


10:10 AM

Discussion Of The U.S. Department Of Justice COPS Hiring Program (CHP) For The Galveston Police Department (D. Smith/D. Torres - 10 Minutes)

City Manager Brian Maxwell shares information about the US Dept. of Justice COPS Hiring Program grant - it is anticipated the City will know by September 30th if we have been awarded approximately $1.6 million over the 3 year period for an additional 7 police officers.  This grant would cover 75% of each new officer's base salary and their fringe benefits for 3 years - as a stipulation of this funding, each new officer must remain on the force for at least one year in addition to the 3 years covered by the grant.  If awarded, the City will provide a 25% match for each officer.  The City will budget for these new officers in anticipation of receiving the grant.

10:05 AM

Today's workshop meeting just started!

At each workshop, City Council has the opportunity to ask questions about items on the afternoon's agenda. This is done in an effort to clarify and address all questions prior to taking a vote during the regular session.